Quality is a Continuous Process

Once a product is stocked in our warehouse, it is immediately placed under the scrutiny of our extensive monitoring processes.

As an ISO9001 accredited business, we commit to continuous improvement of quality and this is backed up by a transparent warranty process that ensures any quality issues are quickly identified and corrective measures put in place to bring the quality level back up to the high standards we expect.

One of the ways that we present this is in the form of a Quality Index which takes warranty and compares it to sales to give a Quality Rating percentage. The lower the percentage, the higher the levels of warranty, the higher the percentage the lower the levels of warranty. Our Quality Index has been in place for over 6 years and we are still the only supplier with the confidence in our products and processes to declare this information.

Our quality teams meet each month to review quality and present ways to make incremental improvements over the following month. products of concern are added to a watch list that is championed by the head of product along with the quality, product and inventory team to restore quality in the part or to find a more appropriate source.